About SVIA

Shapar Veraval Industrial Association (SVIA) is an apex representative body of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises with a strong membership base out of 3400 industries. Our motto is to create an enabling environment for the development of industries in today's ever-changing and extremely competitive industrial scenario.

SVIA’s formidable presence is the direct result of its extensive network spread in most of the industries of Shapar-Veraval. It has carved a niche for itself as a leading manufacturer in the industry circle while striving for their cause since its inception 2005.

In 2005, a group of young professionals joined forces and conceived the idea of an organization that acts as a catalyst for the promotion and growth of small and medium industries.

We worked as a one-stop point for the general public as they can find about any company and industry from a single place. Our association has established good support with various authorities of State and Central Government. For more than 15 years now SVIA has worked consistently in creating an environment conducive to industrial growth disseminating valuable information on legal & technical aspects, the latest development in industry & market.

The Shapar Veraval Industrial Association is registered under Association Act and Trust Act wide Reg. No. GUJ/3230/RAJKOT & F/2853/RAJKOT respectively.

Our Vision

SVIA - A name you can trust

To be a pro-active leader of industrial Associations, providing unmatched array services to member industries, boosting economic & industrial growth in the region and make a positive contribution to society.

We are supporting the brands to match the customer’s needs with the value of their money. Moreover, we are happy to serve the information to the public for their excellent experience.

Our Mission

SVIA - Where passion meets productivity

To promote the healthy growth and development of Industries and to encourage friendly feelings and relations amongst the industrial community of Shapar-Veraval.