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We understand that for the body to grow, the heart has to be sound!

As in every segment the heart is where motion happens, and we ensure that it beats with the pace.

And that is the rationale for our existence. It is our business to ensure that you get world-beating, top-of-the-line products to form the heart of your enterprise. It is our mandate to employ best-in-class technology so that you get products that optimise productivity and profitability at your end. We are committed to providing you with the core values of speed, efficiency, and reliability.

A powerful combination People + Process drives us to achieve the scales of quality, precision and world class product. Growth can only be achieved when you have a partner, we are you success partners.

All our processes are geared towards ensuring that you receive safe, durable, reliable and optimally efficient products. We also offer you on-going assistance throughout various stages. We are with you to offer any aid you may require in making decisions on best technologies to be adopted for enhanced performance and maximum efficiency.

We are a single point production source. So you receive the benefit of a system that applies stringent quality checks across the complete production cycle. We work hard, to ensure that you don`t have to!

We are V CUBE BEARINGS PVT. LTD. And we bring to the global marketplace a tradition of superior technology, unbeatable quality, and uncompromising value. This DNA was instilled in 2011 by visionary people with experience of more than 20 years, who have seen the industry grow since 1994. Our group company Capital Industries one of the largest precision bearing rollers manufacturers in Rajkot, have been providing unstinting quality products to the world & working with many OEMs. All of our efforts being top in the order with quality, competitiveness, delivery, and services, world has been swift in its acknowledgment!.

Starting with small range of products, V-CUBE has now developed wide range of bearings produced with precise standards and tolerances required by any customer.


At V-CUBE, we have state of the art production facilities for producing wide range of bearings with tight tolerances.

In our plant, mostly all machines are imported (WMW GERMANY, TOS CHEZ-REPUBLIC) and automated with CNC`s and German make in-process gauges for maintaining consistent accuracy and quality standards


External grinding machines - WMW SWaAGL 125 and SWaAGL 315
External grinding machines - WMW SAW 6
Internal grinding machines - WMW SIW 4, SIW 5 and SIW 6
Centerless grinding machines - WMW SASL 125/1 A and SASL 5AD
Double disc grinding machines - TOS BRD 60.

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